Welcome to Turtle Turnip

In the Heart of the Garden, By the Heat of the Sun

Your favorite existential sweethearts are proud to present our first album, In the Heart of the Garden, By the Heat of the Sun, a whirlwind of Turtle Turnip brought to you through wheeling classical guitar, animated bass lines & harmonies. Encouraged & produced by Dan Chambers, our music is centered in a fascination with the small details of life—lying on your back in the grass watching the sky in perfect moments, with the trees above you casting the shade purple, waiting to be buried by the wind dragging sand with a beer in your hand because you’d be willing to stay here as long as the clouds change shape above you. Looping memories like the rain—These are our songs of joy & regret.

The Pomegranate Crown


All donations go toward Turtle Turnip making new music.

Wrung salt upon the tilled soil of the desolate song. Then dusk.
Now sun, tickling away at the slow day. Foliage continues to unfurl
roll down the canyon slope & grow – filtering through the loose light
into shadows that stitch the sleeves of landscape together.
The sun’s constant battery & swollen clouds of mounting dew
who tell the stories of how the joy welled up, then cracked with doubt &
finally permeated into the cold upside down lovelessness of the sky
joining the unlimited blue space of the morning.